Looking for color inspiration for your next project?

Obsessed with color and the various moods it creates?

Let Eye Love Hue be an inspiration to your creative design whether you have a painting or remodeling project, are planning a wedding or party, or creating graphic design projects such as logos or branding style guides. The possibilities of inspiration are endless.

Eye Love Hue creates color palettes using inspirational photography chosen from various photographers using the hashtag #eyelovehue on Instagram.


I have always been obsessed with color. I love how light and shadows play with various hues to create moods and inspire the soul to calm itself or vibrantly come alive.

My creative evolution began at the young age of 4 when my grandmother gave me a paint brush and showed me how to paint. At age 9, I began working with stained glass and by age 15 I was designing and selling custom pieces to clients. Fast forward a few years and my stained glass business began evolving and my world opened to faux painting walls, upholstering furniture which then led to becoming an interior decorator. I decided to go back to school to get my designers “degree” but quickly discovered that for me to follow the “rules of design” my creativity became completely stifled. For me designing and working with color was about connecting with my clients to create a mood and style that reflected how they lived. Creating beautiful pieces and spaces has evolved into a favorite pastime of creating color palettes for all those who love color. Eye Love Hue inspires professionals and DIYers to think outside the box and tackle the project with fresh eyes. After all, creativity comes from within so Love the Hue your Eye sees.