Humble Beginnings for Eye Love Hue

It began here
After Eric passed in 2016, I found healing in painting. I had been painting furniture for years but it was always more about echoing the art my clients wanted or painting pieces for quick flips.

After the dust settled from the funeral bills and moving back home with my parents. I had $140 "actual dollars" to my name.

I paid $20 for this piece I bought from a friend who was moving and I used the leftover paint from my parent's garage and mom's craft room to paint it.

I planned to sell it but couldn't actually bring myself to do it. This piece became priceless to me. It was where I began the journey of reconnecting with Kelly, healing and getting a clear direction on starting all over again.

It was this piece that caused me to reach out to several paint companies to see about becoming an affiliate for their brand.

It was here that I was told over and over again that I had to become a retailer and have a booth space to represent their paint brand. (um.. now I only have $120 and 1 piece of furniture) Mind you, this was 2016 before paint companies offered affiliate programs.

It was here that I decided to create a brand of paint that would allow others the opportunity to grow their business in the way that worked best for them. Where I could come alongside them with a great product and be part of their transformative journey.

It was here that creating daily color palettes for my Eye Love Hue Instagram page, passion for painting furniture, and creating a product with a heart for people finally made sense.

Sometimes being told no over and over is exactly what is needed to reach to new depths and find ourselves and our true calling.

It has taken years to get to where I am with Eye Love Hue Paint today and I have so many who have helped me along the way.

Today, I want to say thank you for your amazing belief in me and your continued support. You have played a valuable part in my journey and I am forever grateful.

There are a few of you I want to actually name because you have gone the extra mile with me and even carried me through some really dark times.
Mom & Dad 
Ariel Amavi
Craig Brindle
Kristy Massey
Stacey Darling
Judy Anaya
Kellie Schooler
Jenna O'Connor

Slow and steady I'm still going forward, My mission will always be creating products and art with heart. Inspiring others to stay in their lane and follow their evolving passion. People before products always!

If my story touches your heart please reach out and let me know.
Eric & Kelly
Eric & I in 2010 a few months after we started dating.
Eric Memorial
This photo was taken a few short hours before Eric passed. We had walked out to see Cockspur lighthouse on the very first tour Fort Pulaski had. It was a cloudy day and I was taking pictures like normal.  Eric was standing looking at all the oyster shells when the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. So blessed that I was able to capture the moment of pure joy that ended up being his memorial photo and will live forever in my heart.