Indigo Creek Collection

The Indigo Creek Studios Collection coming to life is just beyond my wildest dreams! I'm Jenna, the owner and creative that thrives on upcycling forgotten pieces of furniture. Nature has always been a driving inspiration and force in my life. When given the chance of a lifetime to create 6 unique colors; of course nature and all of her gifts of beauty were at the center. Our young son Finnegan has adopted a similar lust for the outdoors that we, fortunately, get the chance to share together. From stomping in creeks, strolls through the woods, and wonders along the beach; Finn is the muse I never knew was missing. Kelly has made our family's love of simply being outside come to life. 

Eye Love Hue's creator and curator, Kelly, has such a gift of being able to capture and inspire all of the hues desired for this collection. I am so proud of the strength and support the women of this team share with one another. Finding a supportive community of creatives that work incredibly well together has been such a blessing through this artistic journey. I hope you enjoy these remarkable hues as much as I enjoyed creating them. Happy painting!

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