New Beginnings Collection

Samantha, the artist behind the New Beginnings Paint Collection was inspired by being grounded, nature, and purity itself when curating her collection.

When asked what she loves about being a part of the Eye Love Hue family, "It represents community and support for all artists. It's friendship and inspiration. Of course, the paint is fabulous, but it is so much more. It is one of my safe spaces."

Samantha is also happy to announce that 5% of the New Beginnings Collection will be donated to the Children's Tumor Foundation. (This is no extra cost for you.)
"As you have all seen, we make many trips to the doctors, specialists, and hospitals. This foundation holds a special place for us because both of my kiddos have NF1 (The abbreviation for Neurofibromatosis type 1). Last year my daughter was diagnosed with a plexiform fibroma on her foot. This tumor can not be operated on and thank goodness it is not cancerous. However, as she gets older that may change. This foundation is researching ways to help cure NF1 and provide better treatment. We hope for a treatment, other than chemo, to help my daughter live a tumor-free life.
So know when you are buying these beautiful colors, you are also helping children and adults around the world suffering/living with NF. And we as a family we truly appreciate it." 💞

We hope you enjoy the beautiful color palette Samantha has created and look forward to seeing your beautiful creations. 

Eye Love Hue Paint is a rich creamy acrylic mineral paint that is perfect to transform furniture pieces and home decor items. 

The coverage of a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint will depend on several factors, including the surface being painted, the thickness of the coat, and the application method. As a general rule of thumb, a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint can cover approximately 64 to 80 square feet of surface area with a single coat.


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