Creating a Calming and Energizing Piece of Art with Purple, Blue, Green and Gray

Purple Floral Color Palette- COTM Love Potion

When it comes to furniture art, color plays a crucial role in creating an eye-catching and appealing piece. A well-chosen color palette can add depth, texture, and energy to a piece, making it truly stand out. In this blog post, we'll explore how a deep bold purple called Love Potion, a vibrant blue called Baroque Blue, a neutral green called Olive Hue, and a soft gray called Silver Fox can work together to create a calming yet energizing color palette for furniture artists.

Love Potion, a rich shade of purple, can be used as an accent color to add bold depth of color to a piece. When paired with the vibrant bright and fresh hue of Baroque Blue, these two colors create a beautiful contrast that leaves you feeling energized. Either color would make an excellent choice for the base color or to highlight furniture details.

Olive Hue is a versatile color that can be used to balance out the boldness of Love Potion and the brightness of Baroque Blue. Olive is a neutral tone that is versatile and complements almost any color, making it a great choice for bringing balance to a piece. The soft gray of Silver Fox can also be used to create a calm and soothing atmosphere. This color is also a versatile neutral that can serve as a beautiful backdrop for the other colors in the palette, or the reverse using it as subtle accents to tone down the other colors boldness.

When used with decoupage papers and transfers, these colors can add even more depth and texture to a piece. Love Potion and Baroque Blue can be used as the base colors for the decoupage papers and transfers, while Olive Hue and Silver Fox can be used as accent colors or switch it up and do the opposite. This color palette works well with vintage, shabby chic, and bohemian styles, adding a touch of elegance and energy to any piece.

In conclusion, Love Potion, Baroque Blue, Olive Hue, and Silver Fox create a calming and energizing color palette that is quite pleasing to the eye. When used together with decoupage papers and transfers, these colors can create a truly eye-catching and appealing piece. So, if you're a furniture artist looking for a unique calming yet energizing color palette for your next project, consider these colors and see how they can transform your piece into a beautiful work of art.

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